The dregs on 3V vouchers

I’ve always been confused as to what to do with the last bits of cash on my 3V vouchers after I’ve used the bulk of the credit to buy stuff I actually want (like domain names, Steam games etc.).

I’ve always tried to add it to my Paypal account, but it never worked as I either had the e-mail I tried to use registered on my account, or the credit card already registered. So what to do with the dregs always baffled me...

Lately, I’ve taken to donating the dregs to websites I use and like. A month or so ago, I donated the last €16 (well OK, that one had some cash on it, but I wanted to donate something there anyway) to – not just for the donor sig, but also as I really liked the community, and figured it was about time. Plus Penny had already donated to them, and I wasn’t gonna let him be the only Head Organiser who was a donor!

And just today, the last €4.11 went to an Xbox fan site that I USED to be a bit of a big cheese on – until they removed me from power cos the members couldn’t understand H2L. While on the other end it only came out as £2.64 GBP, it’s still something to help them with the fees of their new server.

Now, my current voucher still has over €36 on it (started at €70, minus two domain names, and the Counter-Strike 1 Anthology on Steam) – and now this time I wonder which website, or person, to donate it’s dregs to when the amount of credit on it runs low enough to warrant one. Any suggestions?

  • Matthew Williams

    is 70 whatever that E thing before it a lot of money?

  • TheChrisD

    That E thing is the euro symbol.

    €1 = around $1.30, so yea €70 would be a lot of money.

  • You could get me a domain name for CBTS 🙂

  • TheChrisD

    Don’t push it, you!

  • Ryan Kelley

    hey chris wat is up? its me CBTS RazoR KinG