Not posting for ages is one of those things that not only do I feel that I shouldn’t do, it’s something that I really don’t want to do. Yet, when there’s nothing to write about, posts dry up... I’ll try and remedy that, although it may involve many more very small posts filled with crap. As this one is probably going to be 😛

I actually do have a couple of draft posts stored up in my Windows Live Writer, but they’re either not finished or I’m just waiting for the ideal time to publish them. For example, the post where I go on about Ruby from Pokémon Adventures is being held back until I can get access to a scanner to scan in pictures from the comics 🙂

So, it had now been a whole week since I’ve started playing Vegas 2, and it’s looking like the next game I’m going to be getting addicted to, once I get CoD4 out of my system. Right now, I’m halfway through 1st Lieutenant (towards Captain), with all ACES maxed out. Those ACES were too quick and too easy to get (although Assault was a bitch given it’s biased towards using explosives, which you either get in short supply, or have restricted in 90% of adversarial matches.), so having them in wasn’t really much of a plus. CoD4 has been slowing down, but now I’m almost at 51 in my 1st Prestige, the prospect of 2nd Prestige is luring me 😀

This weekend sees the 8th BYOPC event held by Games Soc. I’m still debating whether to attend or not, given my current machine is no good for gaming, and that it’s impossible to find a credit card with a decent enough credit limit that I can use to order my beast from Komplett. Might attend for the simple fact that I’m generally the one with the camera taking pictures of stuff, and also there will be consoles as well to keep me occupied.
Oh, and speaking of Games Soc, the AGM was last week. I lost the Console Ents. election by I think 21-9, but I’m not too worried about it. I think I need to be more worried about whether next year I’ll be in 3rd year or repeating 2nd year. 2nd year continuous assessment FTL.

Last Saturday was “Hair Day” – the day in which the hairdresser for all my aunts’ comes to one of their houses and everyone meets up and gets their hair done. It enabled me to come back, see everyone (not as many people as were supposedly there for the one previously 🙁 ), and get the mangy mane on the top of my head slightly trimmed. So next time you see me don’t be surprised that I actually did something with it.