Whilst at home for the weekend, my computer had an unfortunate accident. No, nothing was spilled on it. It might have involved Aoife. No, Baby Bear did not clog the ventilation fans and cause it to break by overheating. No, I did not fall asleep on it. Alright, let’s get to the point.

Short of taking up your window describing the exact layout of the living room prior to it – it was on the arm of the sofa, plugged into the back of it were the Ethernet cable (she STILL won’t allow me to use the wireless around the house), and the power supply. Next thing, something nudges the sofa, and it falls off onto it’s back (defines as the other side of the monitor, and the back row of expansion ports. The resulting crash off the ground pushed the Ethernet cable with such force that on later inspection of the motherboard, the Ethernet jack has become disconnected. And not in the simple kind of way, either. Of the 10 or so pins that were soldered to the board, only 1 was still connected, the others were broken and bent out of shape.

So, needless to say I was offline from Saturday evening to earlier on today when I arrived back in college. Surprisingly, my e-mail backlog wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, and the feed backlog was as it normally is when I don’t go reading them...

Still, either way it means I’m limited to using wireless to connect to the ‘net, which means I can only do it while the labs are open. So you won’t be seeing me on (at least not computer-wise, still possibly 360-wise 😀 ) during the night until I can fix this.

Fear not though, as I have a notebook card with an Ethernet adapter already ordered from Komplett. So, by this weekend things will be back to normal (provided it actually works on this thing, otherwise I’ll be waiting on them to restock the Ethernet to USB thingies!)

So, that’s that really. Hopefully I can drown my sorrows in a lot of achievement whoring in Bioshock, which thankfully arrived from GameSenders this morning 🙂