This is me not giving a shit.

As such, a load of Michael Jackson jokes found around Twitter, and other places on the Internet. But mostly Twitter. Call me tasteless if you will, but I seriously don’t give a fuck.

  • What’s the difference between Alex Ferguson and Jacko? Fergie will be playing Giggs in August.
  • Michael Jackson has cancelled all his upcoming dates. They were James (aged 9) and Thomas (aged 11).
  • Early medical reports state he choked on a small bone.
  • Apparently it was touch and go at the hospital but that was just the children’s ward!
  • BREAKING NEWS: MTV actually showing music videos for the first time in at least 15 years!
  • I heard that that woman with the big knockers on the jam commercial died!
  • If this truly is "The Day the 70’s Died," does this mean I can have Reaganomics and MTV-with-real-videos back now?
  • Does Michael Jackson need to be embalmed?
  • Q. How many boys can you fit in a coffin with MJ?
    A. The younger they are, the more you can fit.
  • Huh? Michael Jackson is dead? At least he’s already wearing a (sparkly) suit!
  • Paramedics spent 42 minutes trying to resuscitate MJ.
    UPDATE: Paramedic still trying to wash the makeup off.
  • MJ cause of death was food poisoning… traces of 12 year old nuts found in his mouth.
  • MJ didn’t have a heart attack… he’s in the children’s ward having a stroke!
  • Michael Jackson’s dead – early reports are undecided whether to blame it on the sunshine, the moonlight, the good times or the boogie.
  • I thought he’d live forever, he was so full of plastic.
  • Waiting for MJ, Tupac and Elvis all to come back as zombies for the Thriller Part Deux Tour. I’d go...
  • There’s more life in Michael Jackson than in the office this morning.
  • I see there being a shit load of white cotton right hand gloves for sale in the next few days as a result of his death.
    I see even more left hand gloves for discount sale.

Got any more? 😀