There’s been a lot of things I’ve been meaning to do over the past week or so that, quite frankly, haven’t happened. It was all looking very doable at the start of the week, but it just seems to have fizzled out into nothingness. Maybe these long summer days are starting to take their toll on me – not that they’re really much different from long college days other than the location change. Ah well, now I’m stuck with a long to-do list and only three days until we go on holiday 🙁

So, there are a few things that I want to do, and hopefully get as many of them done before Sunday, which is the final day of me being in this country for a while. I probably haven’t yet mentioned it (mainly because it’s not exactly the most interesting of things for you guys 😛 ), but we’re – and that means me, my sister, and my mom – are heading to Center Parcs in Longleat for a week starting this Monday. It was a good deal, she pay for the stay, and I pay for the flights and car given that I do have an income and I’m not exactly still living at home anymore.

Except that in order for the car company to charge me, I had to have been the one driving it. Oh well, it’s such a shame I didn’t have to pay for that(!) Although quite frankly, Ryanair were a fucking rip-off. As we were going to be staying Monday-Monday, we have flights for Monday morning. At 6:35am to be precise. It was either that or 2pm, but flying in the afternoon means we’ve wasted our first day, and given how expensive the stay is, it’s better to be tired on the first morning, rather than arriving fresh as a just-delivered pizza yet everyone being closed owing to it being so late.

Anyway, for the flights for the three of us there (Dublin – Britsol): €33. Flights back the week after: €3. That made me think “Oh!” when I saw how cheap it would be. Then came the annoying extras. Two checked in bags – one for me and one for the parent with Aoife splitting her stuff between the suitcases – €40. Fuck sake. If I wasn’t going with my mother I’d probably have been able to get away with my laptop bag with one change of clothes stuffed into it. But I can’t, because generally I’m not allowed to live like that in her company. *sigh*

Then came the next big bombshell – handling fee. Also known as the “charge for trying to pay with anything other than a Visa debit card”. Thirty fucking Euros, you sonuvabitch. And then to top it all off, I was asked to get priority boarding as well. Eighteen more euros. What originally started as pocket change (in my terms) now became a fully fledged shopping list (in my terms – although even then that’s only a week/week and a half long shop). Fuck. You. Extortionate. Bastards.

So yea, heading up to Dublin… hopefully tomorrow. Was originally going to be today, except I kinda went to bed at 6am after a long night of web space related bleh, being in my usual Americanized personal time zone, and the general lack of having anything ready. Which is why today I’ll be getting stuff ready and heading back tomorrow. Or if all else fails, heading back on the 8am bus Saturday morning, going straight into meeting up with the Eirtaku folk and tagging along to the next cosplay photoshoot – and then to Dunboyne.

While I’m on that subject, this Saturday afternoon is yet another cosplay photoshoot. I say yet another in the way that they’ve been happening about every two weeks now. I would have gone to the first, which fell quite conveniently on my birthday which meant I would have had even less of a day to put up with an over-enthusiastic sister (sorry!), only it was cancelled due to the bad weather. The second one fell on the exact same day as the worldwide photowalks, plus I would have had to get said 8am bus. And now there’s this one. If bad weather strikes again, I swear to fuck… *throws bear across room*

I also really need to go record some more footage for my Platinum LP as well. If I do end up doing it, it’ll probably be tonight and then I’ll spend most of Sunday, when not getting ready to leave, editing it into a few videos and then uploading them all very early Monday morning. It’s the editing part I’m worried about, what with it generally taking one and a half hours apiece. Uploading won’t be an issue thanks to 9.6Mb upload (when I last tested it) on Magnet’s fibre network. Hell yes, seven minute video upload as opposed to four fucking agonisingly slow hours. And then at the end of those aforementioned hours, it decided to come up with an unknown error and make me start over again. Fix your shit YouTube. And while you’re at it, either remove the 10:59 limit, or gimme to capability to upload more seeing as I joined back in 2006 when the Director function gave you unlimited uploads which you then revoked and now only give to partners, but all the oldies still keep their functionality! *sharp inhale*

Related to that, I have a new server roommate Samantha. I blame raocow for introducing us. To cut to the point, Sam had no money to renew her webspace soon, and I had webspace available in spades. Seriously, I’m only using about 1.5GB of my disk, and never anymore than 4GB of my monthly bandwidth – so sharing some of my Minimus excess is pretty simple. Once I get shit figured out that is…

And lastly I wanted to start doing vlogs at least once every… well, I say week now, but it’ll very likely end up becoming two months based on a combination of laziness and nothing to talk about. But we’ll see. It’ll have to wait until I get back from holidays because starting it now is probably a bad idea. Plus I’ll probably have a bunch of video content taken while over there, and maybe at the cosplay photoshoot, to edit once I get back. How everything eventually falls back to some common factor.

Wow, I could talk. 😐