New YouTube player functions – but not available for you?

YouTube recently launched the ability to upload and watch 1080p HD videos on their site, and also previously introduced a new feature where you can right-click on the video and get a context menu option to copy the embed HTML, view the video info or copy any debug info. When I learned of these, I went ahead to test them out on some of my own videos to try and see what would appear. But, to my dismay, nothing happened on either side. However, when I went and tried it on other videos, it worked fine…

It wasn’t just my videos that I noticed this. Partner videos, or videos in general that had revenue sharing enabled on them also didn’t have a right-click context menu available to use. I decided to have a look and see what the main issue was, and what it was that was stopping these videos from using the new features.

For this test, I used my Eirtakon 09 Smash Bros. finale video, as I shot that in full HD and uploaded the raw file directly onto YouTube without any editing.

The view for me in IE, logged in:


Since I thought it would be a browser issue, I then tried it in Chrome, logged out obviously:


Just in case it wasn’t a browser issue, I went ahead and tried it again in an InPrivate window in IE:


So what is it that’s stopping us from being able to view this info on our own videos while logged in? I can understand why it wouldn’t work on videos with revenue sharing enabled and that have an ad laid on top of the video, but for your own uploads is just a pain…