Meteor’s Hidden Money Drain?

So, I went off to the MyMeteor website to send a web text in reply to a text I just received on my mobile. Generally when I’m at home, or otherwise near an available computer, I send a web text to save myself the 12c that I may otherwise need at some point, and it also helps to extend the length of time before I have to top up again – generally a single €20 top up will last me at least a few months.

Upon the page loading, I noticed that it had been given a little facelift, with a nice fresher-looking login screen.

After getting in, I noticed a myriad of new links on the left-hand side, and one which piqued my interest long enough to delay me sending my text for a while, was this “My Usage” tab. Inside was basically a breakdown of all my calls and texts, similar to what you would get on a bill. It definitely reaffirmed the fact that I don’t actually use my phone very much!

However, I began to notice the charges in my usage history were not adding up too well with the advertised 29c a minute anytime to any network or landline plan I’m supposedly on.

Looking through this history, firstly I was confused by all the ex-VAT numbers. All the text charges worked out (€0.0992 = 12c with VAT), all of the call charges did not. Particularly the two and three second calls – where I hit voicemail and hung up immediately (I don’t do voicemail) – in which I was charged 10c on both occasions.

So, it was off to Twitter (@Meteor_Mobile) and it was confirmed that I am apparently charged a 9c connection fee for every single chargeable call.

Nine fucking cent? Particularly when the call per minute is only 29c, a text is only 12c, and I get charged it every single time I connect, even if it’s straight to voicemail? That’s a lot of bollocks right there.

And yet a Google search for this indicates that all three major networks charge this connection fee for their PAYG customers, and Meteor had only increased the charge from 5c just a few months ago!

This is a load of bullshit, in the future I’m just going to continue to send texts since it’s only 3c more than the connection fee, and I’ll probably be able to say more than I can in 6 seconds on the phone!

  • random anonymous

    How much do the other operators charge as a connection fee?

    • TheChrisD

      Sure, person classing themselves as a “random anonymous” person, coming from IP address, that is related to, I am SOOOOOOO going to believe that you are some random person just curious in my comments box, and totally not a Meteor representative trolling in the comments of a blog post that badmouths your company…