Team Fortress 2 – Preying on the F2P

Well, I consider that some recent sessions I’ve played in Team Fortress 2 have been mostly a case of preying on some free-to-play players, considering that most of the time it’s been playing on in impromptu and arranged “open lobbies” with either Swordsman, Main Event Network, or joining BWoods wherever he goes.

So, my most recent session saw a high amount of... what would be considering pub stomping if you compare the difference between me and the rest of the players; with the difference between the div players and the normal UKCS players. This is especially prevalent in this particular video during the first couple of rounds. On Lakeside, I just absolutely tore up as the Your Eternal Reward spy.

So much so, that I noticed this tweet following the session!

Obviously, this garnered a nice little reply from myself 😀

Yea, it was a good game. Although at times I do feel like that kind of player which generally caused me to rage a bit on UKCS during the time period when I played there religiously. Sometimes I do “nerf” myself by playing with a different setup designed to be challenging so that my playing quality will be a bit more on par with the rest of players on the server.

Maybe Valve needs to add some sort of matchmaking style to TF2 for the sole purpose of nerfing the more skilled players slightly when specifically turned on for such sessions as those of “oh hey, playing now, come join us”.