Fuck You Dario Franchitti

Jammy git.

Wipe that smile off your face, you jammy git. That move you pulled on Takuma Sato going into Turn 1 there, on Lap 199 on the 96th Indy 500? That’s something that only a dirty son-of-a-bitch pulls when he realises the only way he’s going to win is by crashing out his competition.

I’d already lost most respect I had for the guy after he spun out Will Power in Toronto 2011, and again after he punted Josef Newgarden out in Turn 1 at Long Beach this year... but that move he pulled on Sato was the worst of the lot. Sato had the run and was going to get past, Dario could have easily pulled back and let him through only to catch his draft and then get back past either into Turn 3 or down the front-stretch. But no, he has to pinch Sato down below the white line causing him to crash. Yea, that’s really fair.

Oh, and by the way, Ashley Judd, you’re not the best yourself, and you look like a complete slut. You can finally count to 3 now? So, when are you going to learn to count to 4, when Dario cheats his way to another Indy win?


    .The guy always wins by luck and or cheating. That was a bitch move he pulled. Sato pulled below him so he had the right-of-way on the inside. What’s that 2-3 Indy wins during caution. That’s such Horseshit I lost respect for him long time ago

  • Iceman-026

    FranCHEATti is the Casey Stoner of IndyCar.  He’ll bitch about hard passes and people in his way, but when he does it, no problem at all.  Had Sato’s pass stuck and Dario not ran him down the track, he’d have been in pitlane crying his eyes out, calling for Sato to be banned, fines levied, etc etc.

    Dario, fuck off back to Scotland, people there are like people here…your a fucking no-name to the general public.  Your fuckface sloppy wife is more famous than you and she’s a D-lister at best.  

    Whinging fucking cunt.


    And fuck you again!