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I probably shouldn’t have left it a few days before opening it, but I finally opened the registration pack thing that DCU sent out. In it has the usual hubbub of how to register, a few informative leaflets, and a section dedicated to Orientation Week.  As I’ve already been a student in DCU before, I’m looking at this booklet wondering how much if any of that week that I’d necessarily need to attend. Continue reading

Returning to Education

Next month I should hopefully be returning to third-level education doing Multimedia in DCU. Partially because of the want to have a proper degree in something, partly because it’s being forced upon me by the powers that be. There are a few nuances with regards to going back this year, though. Continue reading

Eirtakon 2011

Well, another year done and dusted. It’s definitely been the biggest and longest year I’ve contributed to, and the amount of work done over the weekend was quite a lot too. The amount of feedback via social media has been immense, so much so it pretty much completely took away most of Monday just to keep an eye on all the Facebook posts and tweets sent at us – yes, it’s probably Mark’s job, but as I believe he was part of the crew who went out on the Sunday night for the after-party, I think a sore head was probably being rested that day!

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Asshats in After Hours

So it has very recently come to my attention that someone in After Hours on boards wrote up something which grabbed the attention of the Redbrick crowd and others, and from which I managed to find it.

I’m not going to post the link here, because the entire thing is purely fabricated, maybe for comedic effect, but the point still stands is that what is written is libellous towards me.

I’m aware that I’ve never been the best people person during my life, it is something that I’ve had to work on since a young age, and only a few short years ago did I properly find out the cause and have it officially diagnosed. So there have been a few hiccups along the way with me trying to co-exist with the rest of society. But to read shit like that written up, particularly when it is grossly over-exaggerated, and written from the point of view of someone who is either not fully aware of my situation, or does not fully comprehend it, is practically insulting me.

What makes it even worse is the specific thanks given to that post by a few people I know from college, even more so those I thought I knew fairly well and were good friends with.

Pretty bloody glad I’m probably not going back there now, at least not this year.

Pre-con writer’s block…?

I’m not too sure if I have much of a reason to not be writing things here these days. Maybe I just haven’t had as much to say as I used to in the past. Ah well, at least I’m busy preparing for a lot of stuff this weekend, namely Eirtakon, as well as a few other things.

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It’s gonna be a busy month…

November is going to be fairly busy for me, with things happening nearly every weekend. I’m hoping that it doesn’t detract from my online presence, particularly TF2’ing and Left 4 Dead’ing – and hopefully not keeping me away from writing more shite in this blog and ranting about garbage on Twitter.

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