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The Xbox One DRM “Update”


So, thanks to the vocal majority, the quiet minority of us gamers who had no problems with the new DRM system the Xbox One was going to bring in that was similar to Steam’s system – probably because most of us are already major PC games who are used to Steam – are going to be shafted and unable to utilise what would have made Xbox One’s market system a step above Steam, as Microsoft have gone and backtracked on those changes. This in my view, is a very bad thing, as summed up by Kyle Wagner on Gizmodo.

However, when I bring this up in places, everyone else – who likely have always been a console gamer and weren’t used to systems like Steam – begin the comment saying things like “Well, why didn’t you say anything about how you liked it instead of sitting there sitting on your hands?”.

Doing such a thing would never work. Do you really expect me and the others who are content with the new features to go out to Redmond, and set up in front of the Microsoft offices with picket signs saying “THINGS ARE FINE” and “ONE HAPPY CAMPER”? (See featured image from The Simpsons, I believe it’s from Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington)

XKCD also had a similar images posted as a comic before.

Moral of the story? Complaints are always heard louder than compliments. And in this case, the complaints have fucked up what was going to hopefully be an innovation in the digital distribution market.

MW3 Veteran Campaign

So, last night I booted up Modern Warfare 3 – having sent the order for my sister to pick it up while she was in the Centre to use up €73 worth of gift cards I keep forgetting about – with the intention of starting to stream my playthrough of the Veteran difficulty campaign. What I was not expecting was to actually finish it in the one night. It is annoyingly short, even on the hardest difficulty.

Upon finishing the campaign, scrolling the credits and returning to the main menu, the campaign time counter read 5 hours, 46 minutes. Five and a half hours for a campaign on the hardest difficulty possible is really not great at all, even more so when you consider how much time you have to use up replaying certain parts again based on how badly you do at it and how much you die.

Bearing that in mind, this would probably indicate that running through the campaign on the easiest difficulty would probably take no more than three hours. For such a high-profile game, this is woefully short. Something that a member of my stream chat mentioned about it:

It’s an interactive action movie disguised as an FPS war simulator.

In fact, the campaign is probably something that’s better made as an action movie. Not that I want to or expect to see a movie tie-in, but if it were to happen, it’d probably do well.

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I know that I was starting to turn into a videophobe, firstly after the Let’s Plays, then getting FRAPS and making random PC gameplay videos – and now even more so after getting my Intensity Pro and now making 360 videos. Maybe amateur video editing is the way for me to go in the future (assuming web designer/developer and my current college course don’t happen)?

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Modern Warfare 2 – in a way

Maybe I should set up one of those gaming blogs  along the lines of Donncha, especially if this ends up becoming a regular occurrence...

So, after buying Modern Warfare 2 yesterday evening in GAME in Blanch for €35 (not the €25 I definitely remember it being a little while ago – but at least it’s not €60 on Steam), I sat down last night for a long session of it. And by long, I mean really, really, really, really, really long. Like, started at midnight last night, ended... about twenty minutes ago, long.

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Building a new PC. I might actually do it!

So, one of the things I’ve wanted to do for a while was save up enough money to build myself a custom PC. Unfortunately, that was never really able to materialise seeing as how I never had the money to spend on it, for several reasons (be they paying for on-campus accommodation, paying repeat fees, paying other general crap). However, since I found out I didn’t have to pay anything extra for my studies this year (as well as getting money back!), I now have the cash to do my fancy build. Although what to get for my build is a whole different kettle of fish…

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Top 20 Video Game Weapons According To Me

So, from time to time on forums I visit, gaming forums in particular, we get asked what our favourite games are, and then in more detail, favourite storylines, favourite levels, and other related crap.

But, since I can never keep tabs on which are my favourite of "x", I’ve decided it’s time for me to sit down and give each weapon I claim to love an honest review, and then grade them based on the scores I give it. As such, here are my Top 20 Video Game Weapons. According to me, anyway.

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I is ever so slightly more Internet famous!

So, I might have mentioned here and there that I have been playing the Gears of War 2 Dark Corners DLC recently, as part of reviewing it for Shoryuken. Well, I was just browsing around on one of the forums I tend to frequent, and an interesting thread popped up mentioning someone special appearing in IGN’s video review of the content.

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