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Dog Walking Styles

Having just been out for the past two hours bringing our (current) five dogs for a walk, I started to think about each dog’s distinct walking styles.

Calvin (11), is the “main man” and the “old man” of the bunch. To him, a walk is less of a need for exercise and more of his daily plod about the estate keeping his overwatching eye on things and checking in. He walks slow and methodically, often taking time to sniff a particular area. Often, if it’s late and quiet enough, he can be brought off-lead, and although he is very street-wise, he will still make a beeline toward any distractions such as open doors, other animals or even other people – and he can be deceptively fast when he has his eye on something.

Buster (9), is our neighbour’s dog and former foster dog. A glutton, gourmand and sloth inside the house; outside he acts like a pig searching truffles, sniffing and snorting everything on his way around. Despite his large stature, he is very mobile and always eager to go on to find whatever it is he’s looking for. Also has a habit of flailing around in a circle before he shits.

Misti (3) and Japser (2½) are “the smallies”, and act like a true young brother and sister pair – despite not actually being related. They always bark and jump at each other in the porch and leaving the house, almost as a competition to see who can get out first.
Misti walks as if she is on a hunt, constantly vigilant and aware of her surroundings, always up ahead scouting out – which makes sense given her pedigree background. However, she still acts like a princess when it comes to a muddy field or if it’s raining, avoiding it or even flat-out refusing to go out if the conditions are not to her liking.
Jasper is the dog of the bunch without a distinct style as of yet, as he mostly tends to act like whatever other dog he is brought out with. Can also be a bit lazy, as he is generally always eager to walk and gung-ho for the first 5-10 minutes, before dropping off and falling back for the remainder. He also gets very excitable if he spots another dog or if traffic is going past.

Lucy is our current foster dog. Because of her history, the concept of going out for a walk is completely alien to her, and consequently her lead etiquette is non-existent. She would go anywhere and everywhere if she wasn’t leashed, with no regards for roads, driveways or front gardens; and constantly acts surprised when she is yanked back by the lead for either running out to the full length of the lead, or by getting herself wrapped around a tree or pole. Also, as the only non-Cavalier, she’s the only dog who would go out several times a day for long distances, whereas everyone else generally goes out once a day for half an hour.

Thursday the 18th of April, 2013 at 9:54:53pm UTC

So, I apparently have a new phone. It’s apparently an HTC Explorer. It apparently runs on the 3 network, and apparently the contract is for 12-months and is on the FlexiFix 25 plan.

It’s all apparently because I wasn’t the one who actually ordered it. Three decided it would be a good idea for their telesales division to ring my mother to inform her of this deal whereby anyone she recommends to Three will earn that person and herself a month free. So she got a new phone/SIM/contract in the hopes that either I would take it and take on the contract, or my sister would take it to replace one of the many phones she’s gone through and “broken”. (Also, something about my sister being embarrassed to tell her friends she has a Tesco Mobile 089 number)


Not terribly shiny, but shinier than what I had.

One thing I’m still struggling with is adapting to all the new ringtones and notifications. Gone are the monotone series of beeps that were the only option with my old Nokia 1101. And in their place I put several of the sounds from Team Fortress 2.

So, my ringtone: 

My message alert tone: 

And my e-mail alert tone: 

Sometimes I hear them and have to spend a while figuring out why they’re playing, and then try and remember which is which... Bonus points if you know what sound bites they are.


I’m not a happy person right now. Earlier today, an older relative of mine – someone who I had previously considered as very close to me – said that they were “appalled that I had the audacity to say that what I did online was considered work“. Saying that what I do in making various videos for YouTube, and earning money from that media based on a contract I have with an American media company, was not real work.

Now, I’m well aware that currently this doesn’t earn me enough money by itself to be able to live off, and because of this I wouldn’t ever go out and say that I do this for a living. But I take serious offence to being told that I’m not doing “work”, period. Continue reading

Friday the 15th of February, 2013 at 8:33:49pm UTC

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait, we have Dairy Milk with Oreo now? WHY AM I ONLY FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dammit, now I’m going to have to spend the best part of next week finding this and stocking up like mad on it. Going by the pictures I saw on this blog, I will fall in love with it. Almost as much love as what I have for Häagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream – which is basically Oreos without the brand name!

Just a damn pain that Cadbury direct on Amazon won’t ship to Ireland :(


Thursday the 17th of January, 2013 at 11:48:18pm UTC

So, it’s Akumakon this weekend, and as per usual I’ll be heading there as a half-otaku, and half-Eirtakon representative. So, I’ll be rather quiet this weekend – not that I wasn’t already going to be pretty quiet anyway.