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Dog Walking Styles

Having just been out for the past two hours bringing our (current) five dogs for a walk, I started to think about each dog’s distinct walking styles.

Calvin (11), is the “main man” and the “old man” of the bunch. To him, a walk is less of a need for exercise and more of his daily plod about the estate keeping his overwatching eye on things and checking in. He walks slow and methodically, often taking time to sniff a particular area. Often, if it’s late and quiet enough, he can be brought off-lead, and although he is very street-wise, he will still make a beeline toward any distractions such as open doors, other animals or even other people – and he can be deceptively fast when he has his eye on something.

Buster (9), is our neighbour’s dog and former foster dog. A glutton, gourmand and sloth inside the house; outside he acts like a pig searching truffles, sniffing and snorting everything on his way around. Despite his large stature, he is very mobile and always eager to go on to find whatever it is he’s looking for. Also has a habit of flailing around in a circle before he shits.

Misti (3) and Japser (2½) are “the smallies”, and act like a true young brother and sister pair – despite not actually being related. They always bark and jump at each other in the porch and leaving the house, almost as a competition to see who can get out first.
Misti walks as if she is on a hunt, constantly vigilant and aware of her surroundings, always up ahead scouting out – which makes sense given her pedigree background. However, she still acts like a princess when it comes to a muddy field or if it’s raining, avoiding it or even flat-out refusing to go out if the conditions are not to her liking.
Jasper is the dog of the bunch without a distinct style as of yet, as he mostly tends to act like whatever other dog he is brought out with. Can also be a bit lazy, as he is generally always eager to walk and gung-ho for the first 5-10 minutes, before dropping off and falling back for the remainder. He also gets very excitable if he spots another dog or if traffic is going past.

Lucy is our current foster dog. Because of her history, the concept of going out for a walk is completely alien to her, and consequently her lead etiquette is non-existent. She would go anywhere and everywhere if she wasn’t leashed, with no regards for roads, driveways or front gardens; and constantly acts surprised when she is yanked back by the lead for either running out to the full length of the lead, or by getting herself wrapped around a tree or pole. Also, as the only non-Cavalier, she’s the only dog who would go out several times a day for long distances, whereas everyone else generally goes out once a day for half an hour.

Damn, I’ve let this place go…

Sometimes I do forget that I have a blog sitting around that I can update with goings-on. Problem is usually that there goings-on aren’t really very interesting or worth blogging about.

Not much has really gone on over the past few weeks. I’m still making my YouTube videos, doing a lot of streaming over on NGame, and getting pissed and annoyed with a few people as always. The NASCAR, F1 and IndyCars have also sucked away a fair few hours.

More recently however, there has also been a couple of cases of conflict in areas.

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Everything just went wrong today

I don’t know what the hell it was with today, but ever just seemed to go completely fucking wrong.

  • Shower cubicle leaking even more than before, now affecting downstairs.
  • An Post apparently not even bothering to deliver a massively huge parcel containing two pictures, it being so big it wouldn’t even fit in the car and so the boot had to be left hanging open with my sister squashed in behind my seat and the picture.
  • Finding the hammer that was supposed to be in the cutlery drawer in the toolbox with the other hammer. When sliding the toolbox out to get it, something fell in behind it and so when having to take everything out of the cupboard to lift the thing to slide the toolbox back in – which I think was the massive extension cord – something fell out and left a huge gash in my left foot.
  • The last Lucozade bottle of the pack, after my sister had been at them getting one for herself, practically exploding on me at my desk.
  • While attempting to remove the address from the parcel to prepare for recycling, after removing the bit that was taped on, to find a part-written address underneath on the main layer.
  • A very weird dream in which all of a sudden my relationship with the rest of the UKCS TF2 admin team takes a massive nose-dive after I join a game around half 9 in the evening, spawn as Pyro and literally 2 seconds later die to a Sniper headshot, before uttering “What the flying FUCK?” in the presence of Funky, Odgor and someone else, causing them all to suddenly turn on me. Even this one doesn’t make sense to me.
  • Going to bed before 11 after almost falling asleep while watching another one of my YouTube subscriptions, finding myself lying awake in bed at half 3, and unable to fall back asleep for the next hour, hence me getting up and finishing this off.



There’s not really much to say these days because I’m mostly sat at home bunged up in my room from massive bouts of hayfever. The past few years weren’t bad for me at all, I barely even had a sniffle, but this year is just horrible for it. After speaking with a few friends also suffering from it, it seems to be down to the massive amounts of rain from the past few months, and then the distinct lack of it recently now that the pollen counts are up high.

It’s also a case of the fact that very little seems to help alleviate the effects. Daily doses of Zirtek don’t seem to do much, but without it my nose’d be snivelling and running like a tap, and I’d be practically unable to open my eyes. The accompanying unrelated really annoying chesty cough isn’t helping procedures either.

Anyway, Friday and Saturday. That’s all I’m looking forward to. I just want to get to those two days already – and preferably not be suffering from this crap! If that means it pisses down like a monsoon, then so be it!

Cooklomerate… thing. Stuff.

Oh god, that was a fail of a topic title. And it really seems to be detracting from the whole point of this post, which was to write something about food, cooking and Look and Taste:|

I’m sure most of you out there consider my diet, based on my posts and tweets and the like, to be… shit. And it usually is. Surviving the college days meant a lot of sugar intake as it was either energy drinks and sweets, or non-stop deli stuff. And the drinks and sweets usually won for the fact I kinda got more than I would in actual food, and they were cheaper :P

And I will admit I do indulge myself in the odd takeaway every now and then (with the term "now and then" used VERY loosely) as a treat. I do enjoy the pizza, the Chinese, the Indian, the etc. and mainly my income does allow it. Possibly a little too much for my health.

I do want to be someone who eats properly and cooks well, but mainly due to a lack of decent cooking skills and the energy to get up and stand in front of the hob when I could be sitting down with a keyboard across my lap (which I’m actually doing right now…), it does limit my options a bit.

That’s not to say I haven’t actually cooked before. Mainly if I am going to do the cooking for myself, it’s throwing a few chicken fillets into a pan and after a bit putting in whatever else the meal calls for be they spices, sauces, veggies or whatever it could be. I do enjoy making and eating fajitas loaded with double the recommended amount of spice mix and half a jar of jalapenos on then, or making up some pasta to go with some chicken and a Dolmio stir-in sauce. Although I do think I could definitely expand my horizons and make things that I would consider a little bit fancy for my skills.

Hence why I really enjoy watching the videos on iFoods Look and Taste. Even if I don’t think I’d be able to make it, I still enjoy watching Niall and the others expertly make gorgeous dishes :P
Which is also why I love the Look and Taste show, and why I link it all the time. It’s got a nice spot on recent foodie things that make me wish I wish still in Dublin right now, and the new recipe every episode makes for some drooling. And Niall really does work well in front of the camera. Next head chef for Hell’s Kitchen methinks!

Plus, the competitions are fun. They can be zany, but they always result in another happy viewer, no matter what it is.

Kinda like me and my collection of new Le Creuset stuff :P


Cheers Niall! Dinner party soon? :D