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RARLTNGRSVT – Irish Rail and the Dunboyne rail link

The post that started it all is viewable on here.

So apparently the timetable for the new Dunboyne rail link has been posted by Irish Rail.
Only the timetable shows that every single Dunboyne train serves Docklands and not Broombridge, Drumcondra or Connolly.

This is fucking retarded. I know a good few people who would be using the new train line who would want to go to Drumcondra as part of their commuting journey. This move by Irish Rail was made without any research or any consultation with people in the area to ensure a satisfactory service for the majority of it’s commuters.

See the timetable here.

Woo, blackjack!

Or rather, woo 21! Well, maybe not so much – I’m feeling really damn old now. Anyway, last weekend was bloody epic, especially the absolute chock-filled Saturday with friends during the day and family in the evening.

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College again, the first week. And a half…

I originally wanted to write something about being back in college over the weekend, but I just didn’t. I had more important things to do, like the Dunboyne motor festival, and having a very secluded life. But yea, first week back in college and this time actually registered rather than just being somehow lost in the system despite me doing everything right on my end.

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Three days in Dublin

It’s just occurred to me that next week sees my planned trip back up to Dublin for a few days to see the family, reminisce, chat and whatnot. And as with any trip, there is an itinerary planned. And by that I mean, stuff I’ve told myself I have to do, but likely won’t.

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