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Why I’m not buying GRID 2

Codemasters’ GRID 2 comes out sometime this week – in fact I think it’s already out in the States – and despite the fact I really like their racing games, and played the crap out of the first instalment across two platforms, I won’t be buying it.

Now, for the past few months ever since it was announced that IndyCar had licenced the Dallara chassis and IMS for use in the game, my sale hinged solely on how well the IndyCar and oval racing would perform. It started well with the confirmation that it would be the DW12 and not the IR03, and then lost all progress when they said it was going to be an exclusive pre-order bonus for Best Buy in the States.

Over the past couple weeks, the developers were streaming gameplay on their Twitch channel. During one of these streams they showcased the Dallara on the IMS oval, and by watching that it confirmed I no longer wanted it.

Now this list of faults might be nit-picking, but as an avid IndyCar fan, these details are important to me. Firstly, the cars only top out at 214mph on the straights at Indy – this is far below the normal of 230mph as shown last weekend. So, the sense of speed isn’t proper. Secondly, standing starts on an oval. Anyone who has seen one oval race will know why this is bad. Other problems include the red sidewall tyres – these are meant to be road and street course exclusive soft tyres, not general usage. Also, the car only comes in the speedway oval aero kit – the lack of the kit for the road and street courses and short oval is a serious oversight and a huge break in realism.

I think I’ll wait for rFactor 2, which recently announced licensing of IMS and the DW12!

PS: This is my first attempt at writing a post from the Android app, so forgive me if the spelling is terrible and the article flow is non-existent!


Tomorrow, as part of Memorial Day weekend in the US, sees the biggest day in motorsport. The Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500, and the Coca-Cola 600 combine for over two thousand kilometres of racing, and a full day in front of the TV. Well, that is if I had access to all three on the TV – thanks Setanta...

Fuck You Dario Franchitti

Jammy git.

Wipe that smile off your face, you jammy git. That move you pulled on Takuma Sato going into Turn 1 there, on Lap 199 on the 96th Indy 500? That’s something that only a dirty son-of-a-bitch pulls when he realises the only way he’s going to win is by crashing out his competition.

I’d already lost most respect I had for the guy after he spun out Will Power in Toronto 2011, and again after he punted Josef Newgarden out in Turn 1 at Long Beach this year... but that move he pulled on Sato was the worst of the lot. Sato had the run and was going to get past, Dario could have easily pulled back and let him through only to catch his draft and then get back past either into Turn 3 or down the front-stretch. But no, he has to pinch Sato down below the white line causing him to crash. Yea, that’s really fair.

Oh, and by the way, Ashley Judd, you’re not the best yourself, and you look like a complete slut. You can finally count to 3 now? So, when are you going to learn to count to 4, when Dario cheats his way to another Indy win?

Watching NASCAR in Ireland – what a travesty…

I think I’ve made it clear that I’m a fan of NASCAR. Can’t really explain how I got into it, can probably blame Montoya, Allmendinger, Ambrose and Franchitti for making the switch (even if they subsequently changed back!) and me following them into the sport just to see how they fare.

Generally, I end up watching it on one of the streams on I have no alternative but to watch a P2P or website stream as the only two channels that offer it in this region – Setanta Sports and Premier Sports – are not carried on our TV provider, Magnet.

I don’t have a problem with watching the races streaming online, especially as it means I can actually watch while at my computer. What I do mind though, is when the web streams I’m watching are cut off because one of the two above mentioned channels files a DMCA to the website to take the stream down. Now this irks me somewhat as the US channels never have a problem with the streams (based on how they are never the ones doing the takedowns). It always happens with the Sprint Cup races, which are the only races broadcast by Setanta or Premier – it never happens with Nationwide or Truck as they are US-only for the most part.

Now I have said that neither channel is on TV over here. Setanta haven’t been on Magnet for a few years – we don’t even get Setanta Ireland, which used to occupy channel 105. Yet, they still show on UPC, but we wouldn’t get them here. In fact, the only alternative to Magnet would be to get Sky or some other satellite service, and we all know how expensive they can be at the bare minimum before you start adding any additional premium charges, which both channels force (since the NASCAR shows on Setanta Sports 1 – the premium channel).

I suppose I’ll go back to the chicken run that is finding new streams every time they close down my current one...

RIP Dan Wheldon

Well, I had tuned in hoping that Power would somehow manage to perform a miracle and win the race to hopefully win the championship instead of Dario “Francheaty” Franchitti, but I think I speak for everyone by saying I did not expect something like this to happen.

I know I’d given stick about it before, especially the oval variant of it – but I tell you now, I can’t wait for the new Dallara IR12 to come in next year, with all of its advances in safety designed to offer increased driver protection, and to stop them flipping over, especially following wheel-to-wheel contact.

Dallara IR12 “Oval”

Racing Log

So, I’ve been playing F1 2010 recently, and I thought it might be an idea to maybe try write up a “racing report” style of article once I eventually finish up the first season. Now the results themselves may seem a little askew given the current difficulty settings I’m playing under (Amateur difficulty; full ABS, TCS; manual gearbox; sim fuel/tyres/damage; max flashbacks; auto pit), but I’m blaming that on the fact I’m doing an achievement run in the first year for at least:

  • Rocking the boatRocking the boat (15)
    Finish ahead of your senior team-mate in your first season with a new team
  • Crushing victoryCrushing victory (20)
    Outclass your team mate at each race, over one season
  • Consistency is the keyConsistency is the key (25)
    Score a point in every round of a season

Maybe after I finish it completely – and I finish up doing my Let’s Play of Pokémon Black – I might do a Let’s Play of one of my future seasons in the game on a harder difficulty, which should ideally offset the fact I’ll be in a much faster car, particularly as I have both Force India and BMW Sauber interested in my services for next year 😀

G’wan Monty!!!

G’wan Monty!!! Enough said really. Monty dominated at Watkins Glen, almost like he did at Indy for the past two years, but unlike those times, he comes out with the long-overdue win 😀

I really just wish people who shut up about the fact his only two wins have been on the road courses. Have you not seen how many times he’s come second or third on an oval...?

Although a small part of me still kinda wished Marcos Ambrose could’ve won it...