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It’s gonna be a busy month…

November is going to be fairly busy for me, with things happening nearly every weekend. I’m hoping that it doesn’t detract from my online presence, particularly TF2’ing and Left 4 Dead’ing – and hopefully not keeping me away from writing more shite in this blog and ranting about garbage on Twitter.

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How would you spend €100 mil?

So, I never did manage to win the Euromillions last Friday with the €100 million jackpot – instead that accolade goes to two people from somewhere other than Ireland. But even having the chance of winning something so lucrative does make you think about how you would act if you did happen to win it. Many of these things ran through my head all Friday night and Saturday morning (I never got around to checking my ticket until the afternoon!)

Now, of course €100M is an insane amount that you would never be able to spend, even in you tried your hardest – or you were completely fucking stupid on the stock market. Heck, you probably wouldn’t even manage to spend a tenth of it. But still, you have the spending power, so what would you do…


Step 1 for me would be to buy a place for myself. I know I’m not being particularly “fun” here, but I would remain in Dunboyne. First step for me would be to find out if one of those apartments here in the estate are still on sale, and then grab one of those. If not, then one of the two-storey terraced houses, or semi-detached around the area.

Why would I not head somewhere else in the country? Well, I’m already settled into Dunboyne. It’s a much nicer area than Blanchardstown was, which is one thing I can say for sure. It has the size to be a town, but also keeps the old village feel. You can easily walk down through the village and not have to worry about being jumped upon by teenagers (although they are still fucking annoying when they crowd around outside Spar…), all the while greeting people as you walk by, even if you don’t know them.

I would probably also find a place around DCU as well, as I’m not entirely sure I’d want to stick with the annoying commute in and out every morning and late night. This way I would be close to campus, so I can wake up at ten to nine and still be in for 9am lectures (it’s not five to nine as it was in on-campus accommodation, but it’s close enough!), and I can actually stay behind and take part in the really late society events like STOCS (I really can’t get used to calling it the "Traditional Gaming" branch of Games Soc), or Lab Gaming, or films etc. etc.

It also gives me the ability to put friends up for the night just in case. Last semester there was a special all-nighter arranged for the Mezz for Halloween, with 360 gaming, Internet access and films all night. And at around 11.45 someone from Security came around telling us to get the fuck out all because they apparently been properly informed (in reality, they were told and the guy who was told didn’t fucking bother to tell his superiors about it). Since there were no more buses into town for me to even think of being able to get the Nitelink back (back then we still had midweek Nitelinks!), some of my friends who lived in Shanowen were kind enough to loan me and a few others some floor space for the night. Having my own place around DCU would enable me to offer the same if such a situation were to arise again.


What right techy and blogger wouldn’t trick themselves out with the latest stuff now that they have an unlimited budget? I would finally upgrade my phone to something half-decent, and make sure it has 3G so that I can actually utilise my N810 outside of using a wireless access point! (Anyone who suggests an iPhone is dead!)

I’ve been planning on buying a camcorder at some point, so I can attempt to make some better videos than what my current camera can take (640×480, 4:3, maximum of around 14 minutes), and this way I’d be able to go all out and get one of the best, top-of-the-line jobs rather than trying to find the cheapest one that has a mic input jack… While this doesn’t mean I’m going to be going into the amateur video arc, at least it means I can take some decent videos for once!

The biggest purchase in this area would have to be new computers. I can finally dump this current heap of… well it’s not even metal, more plastic methinks. On order would be an XPS M1730 and I’d also either go ahead and build my dream machine, or just go buy an XPS H2C or an Alienware. Top of the line, with as much crap shoved inside it as possible. Nothing else would satisfy me 🙂


Obviously charity would be a big part of it. Most charities would have a standing order setup for them, but two I’d have to support even more would be Barretstown and the Jack and Jill Foundation. The support and activities they offer to children with special needs gives me great pride. That and the way they have helped other bloggers and their situations would definitely make me glad to donate whatever I can (within reason).

The next thing would be to give the Student’s Union enough to be able to buy out Trispace and start running the student bar. None of us want the whole "opening once a week" thing – especially as sometimes they don’t even open on said Tuesday… Plus a good bit would go each year to the RAG week charities, whichever they might happen to be. Although I may make the college do something funky for it 🙂

I can’t think of much else to do with it, although I’m sure if I really did have the money I’d see something I’d want and buy it instantly without thinking much. Soon I’d have to buy more and larger houses just to store all the crap. And I’d probably have to hire security to stop everyone hounding me treating me like an open ATM. I wouldn’t be that much of an ATM, although I would give the odd bit to people who needed it. Like Steef and his want of airsoft equipment 🙂