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Top 20 Video Game Weapons According To Me

So, from time to time on forums I visit, gaming forums in particular, we get asked what our favourite games are, and then in more detail, favourite storylines, favourite levels, and other related crap.

But, since I can never keep tabs on which are my favourite of "x", I’ve decided it’s time for me to sit down and give each weapon I claim to love an honest review, and then grade them based on the scores I give it. As such, here are my Top 20 Video Game Weapons. According to me, anyway.

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In the past week

I’ve, ummm…

  • Eaten pizza
  • Edited my Halo 3 map
  • Eaten pizza
  • Actually won a game in STOCS against fetch, who usually always those sorts of games
  • Thrown the bear at someone
  • Eaten pizza
  • Eaten chinese
  • Eaten pizza
  • Eaten pizza
  • Properly advertised my Halo 3 map
  • Eaten pizza
  • Edited my Halo 3 map
  • Thrown the bear at someone
  • Eaten pizza
  • Worn a crazy hat to a party, and eaten more than my fair share of sandwiches
  • Re-bookmarked boards.ie
  • Eaten pizza
  • Eaten pizza
  • Eaten chinese
  • Made it onto my second society committee for next year
  • Eaten pizza
  • Seen about fifty people chow down on pizza simultaneously
  • Eaten pizza
  • Thrown the bear at someone
  • Eaten pizza
  • Edited my Halo 3 map
  • Eaten pizza
  • Eaten chinese
  • Thrown the bear at someone
  • Edited my Halo 3 map
  • Eaten pizza
  • Eaten pizza
  • Found out my computer doesn’t crash when I unplug the power during hibernation
  • Eaten pizza
  • Logged into Redbrick
  • Eaten pizza
  • Posted something meaningful on Culch.ie
  • Eaten pizza
  • Thrown the bear at someone
  • Eaten pizza

Hmmm, I think I see a pattern…

It’s been a long week…

I feel like I may have dropped off the face of the earth a bit this week, but it’s been hella busy. I suppose now though, I can get around to detailing the actions of the week. Although I am still tired…


The main thing about this week had to have been the SU elections for next year. Unlike last year, there was quite a bit of a contest for most of the high-profile spots (i.e. the sabbaticals!) leading to a lot of canvassing. This meant campaign t-shirts for all those involved; the creation of posters, some with fancy Photoshop work (Andrew the “Anchorman”), some just plain and boring (humanities guy); the guillotine was overworked for the first time in forever, chopping up all the pages into leaflets; and an insane amount of lollipops, sweets and other things filled with sugar that would have made all the ladies from the health fair look on in disgust.

Not to mention the fact that I apparently wasn’t in the database this year and so wasn’t able to vote – thank you again, you fuckers in the Registry… :angry:


The second day of voting for the SU, thankfully saw the place quietening down a bit. Posters were already torn down and the place was turning back to normal. At least until Clubs and Socs days next year :S

The afternoon was one of the more hectic ones, with both Airsoft and Games Soc having their AGM’s on at the exact same time. After hanging around with Games Soc for a bit until after 2 (AGM hadn’t started as for the lack of quorum), so for a quick run down to the Airsoft one, take a few show of hands votes, give Ordinary Member a shot and not win, then leg it back up with everyone to the Games Soc one as nearly all of them are members.

AGM was brief enough. Every position bar two went uncontested, and the only reason those two were contested was because of our nooby first year meaning just a little too well. Needless to say he didn’t make it. Oh, and I’m Console Ents for next year. Woo. To quote Robby: I finally made it. I’m not going to delve into how badly our resident noob lost in both his attempts, but let’s say it was near-unanimous.

And Games Soc won Best Society and the Clubs and Socs Awards. Epic win 🙂


Thursday was mainly spent recovering from the night before. Lab gaming was a very subdued affair seeing as how firstly very few people were there, but also as the lab would be closing way earlier than usual because of a scheduled power cut the following morning. No matter, there were SU election counts and recounts to enjoy.

There was a good bit of tension as the Education and Welfare candidates were all around for the results of a recount which increased the winning margin from 3 to 4 votes. Apparently a future recount increased it even more to 6 votes! It was one of the tighest elections ever. I wouldn’t like to have been one of the candidates for that. I would have had to take out all my stress on Super Smash Bros. which the guys set up in the Clubs and Socs office…

BTW, we finally unlocked Toon Link, and thus all characters on the Games Soc copy of Brawl 🙂


Sleep. That’s all I can say. Oh, and Elly’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy party. There were a lot of white mice eaten 🙂


A1 qualifying is the main thing that kept me up on Saturday. Starting third and second bode very well for the championship with Switzerland starting last and third. Also, Man U barely winning was not nice, particularly with Ronaldo only playing 22 minutes and thus wasting my captaincy choice for the week in the Fantasy league. :angry:


A1 racing, more footy. A1 stewards are a bunch of fags. Filipe Albuquerque cannot drive.

Plus, I was invited home to Dunboyne by Aoife so that we could spend Easter Sunday as a family for dinner. It was nice to be able to go back home legally for a while and see everyone again. Aoife was especially pleased. Also, I found out that my mom was heading out to the US for another business trip the following morning, which did lead to a hectic night of packing… I did get to stay the night, so yay for sleeping in a familiar bed with comfy sheets 😀

I managed to bring some more of my stuff with me to Santry as well, and with a little bit of playing around, managed to get my 360 connected to Live via my computer, so yay for being back on Live presence again! Not sure if the connection is ideal enough for playing on, so maybe we could test it out in a few custom games on my new Halo 3 map I’ve been forging in Sandbox? 😉

Chris’ RROD – Need for Speed: Undercover

With new games comes the opportunity for new reviews – as such, next up to face the Ranting Review of Doom is a purchase I made just yesterday while in a very packed Blanchardstown Centre (fucking sales whores...) – Need for Speed Undercover (360 version).

Note, that although the cover art I borrowed from Wikipedia is the PC version, I’ve been playing the 360 version!

Recently, my driving skills were being both trained, and confused with all the multitudes of driving types I’ve been doing. Whether it’s Warthog escorting the flag carrier in Halo 3, scaring dates off by having huge head-on collisions with civilians that can’t learn to get out of the way of a car travelling very fast and honking its horn in Grand Theft Auto 4 (review of that to come), or racing professionally with realistic cars on mostly real tracks in Forza 2. Now I throw in the whole “glue the accelerator down and use nitrous as much as possible” style of driving. While it’s nowhere near realistic, it does tend to be fun 🙂

The obligatory new stuff to come with the latest instalment is a mixed bag. Highway Battles involve you racing another driver down one of the main highways in near rush hour traffic (thankfully in the same direction as them), with the aim of being in the lead after a set time, or being ahead by 300 metres. It’s not too bad, but the traffic can be downright rotten at times, and one major crash essentially means you’ll lose. Plus for some reason doing a flip totals your car, even though I could have landed it and continued on...

Also new is the Heroic Driving Engine thing. If you played Underground 2, you’ll remember that to replenish your nitrous, you had to perform fancy driving. Well this HDE is essentially the same, only in now fills your “In the Zone” meter, as well as earning you Wheelman points (mentioned later). Having a high Zone multiplier means your nitrous and Speedbreaker fill up quicker and last longer. But any collision with the walls knocks it down, a lot.

Outrun also makes a welcome comeback, although this is me thinking back to Underground 2 again. Instead of being a set distance ahead, you now just need to get in front and stay in front for a certain length of time. So, no matter if you’re 10 feet ahead, or 3 miles down the road, you just need to be ahead for that amount of time. It also means no more getting to 280m ahead, only for the game to suddenly massively increase the AI’s skill so you don’t end up winning. The AI doesn’t seem to adapt as much now, which is why I’ve won races by about 25 seconds or so...

So, the basic principle of Undercover is the same as most of the other NFS games – race illegally on the streets with other racers with pimped out cars that would usually stand out like a sore thumb in the real world and would have cops swarming all over them as soon as they turned on the engine. But that’s realistic, and nothing realistic ever makes it into these games – except for ProStreet, that is...

In the career, you play an undercover cop who has to try and arrest the leaders of the local street racing gangs, by pretending to be one of the gang members, advancing through their ranks until you get deep enough to be able to take out their leaders. To advance you need to win races, complete cop pursuits with set goals and drive fancily to earn Wheelman points and advance up Wheelman ranks. And “taking out” means driving behind them ramming them until you disable their car. Not quite as fun as it sounds. And that’s really all you do until you’ve taken everyone out as completed the career.

Career mode though, is insanely short. Or at least for me it was. I started playing the game at 11pm last night through to 8am this morning, went to bed, started again around half one in the afternoon and was finished the career mode just in time for The Simpsons at 7pm! So for me, it only took around 14 hours to dominate every race I came across, and complete all the cop pursuits and jobs needed to complete the career mode. Finishing it in one day is not really all that fun. Whoring 610 Gamerscore out of it in the process is, however 🙂

Speaking of achievements, there’s a good mix in Undercover. Single player gives you 825/42, while those requiring Xbox Live make up the remaining 175/8. However, of those multiplayer ones, I’m none to happy about Among the Best (Win 25 Ranked events – 25GS) or Notorious (Finish 119 events – 50GS). Need for Speed online is not the best of places, firstly with EA forcing you to tie your Gamertag to an EA account before you can play online at all, and even then the party system isn’t the best. So, when I do get to play online, they’re either going to be tough as hell to get, or if the other racers are like in ProStreet – piss easy. (I’ll go through that later)

In short, if you’ve played Most Wanted or Carbon, then essentially you’ve played this. It’s really only a rental.

Ranting Review Score

Gameplay: 6/10. A few new ways to do exactly what you’ve been doing for the past few instalments of the series (obviously excluding ProStreet), but other than that largely the same as before.
Replayability: 5/10. I’m not too sure whether it’s worth it replaying the career over and over, and EA’s usual online bullcrap means you might not want to dig it out again.
Engrossness: 7/10. The story was quite engaging and had me playing it non-stop, with the exception of sleep. But the short career knocked it out of my disc tray early...

Total: 18/30. Seriously, rent.

Blog Moderation?

I was originally thinking of writing something along the lines of a “reporter’s view” of the whole Maxi vs. K8 war. Unfortunately, that seemed to end too quickly for me to be of any use (combined with offline-ness and lack of wanting to write stuff). But something new has popped up, based from the war that really does need to be yelled at. Continue reading

There’s a bit of Gladiator mania taking place on Sky One right now, to co-incide with the start of the quarter-finals (I’m just after enjoying seeing both men winning on Pyramid and Oblivion being told off!) – but it’s not the only confrontation that’s taking place right now!

A few of you probably know MLG Orlando is taking place right now. The only reason I’m watching it though, it because there’s very little else to watch on TV or online! The rules still annoy me, what with the Halo guys playing Halo 2.5 rather than Halo 3, and the Vegas 2 guys sort of playing CoD4 style – because they eliminate the use of cover! Why they change so many core values of the games to better accomodate their players who can’t be bothered changing how they play?!

There was also a lot of competition with regards to American motor racing last night. There was probably more competition between the relevant racing series than there was in them! Both the NASCAR at Chicagoland and the IRL at Nashville were running simultaneously at one point. By the time I realised that and tuned into the IRL, it was red-flagged for rain and about 10 minutes later, the race was called 🙁

It doesn’t help when the IRL race review videos fail in comparison to others, primarily the NASCAR.com race rewind! Well, actually that seems to be failing recently after they switched from using Windows Media Player to a fancy Flash thingy to play videos!

Hmmm, I had a few more things in mind to mention when I first started writing, but listening to The Riot’s live video show right now is making me forget 😛


Well, is there really anything much to say? Not that I can think of. Everything recently has been all too “minor” to really care much about. It probably has a lot to do with me being online a lot less than, well, two weeks ago. After not heading home for the weekend, since I didn’t feel like it, I’m still wireless restricted. Still, at least when I go back it’s almost guaranteed to have been delivered by now. If not, then there is either something wrong with An Post, or with Komplett’s shipping times...

There have been a few things going on which had they occurred in more quantity, would have warranted a proper post. But they don’t. One off things don’t need to have posts dedicated to them.

Today seems to be the day when GTA IV goes on sale across the globe. I am one of the small minority of people who fail to understand why people like that crap... Instead of following the hype and buying it, I will enjoy finishing up some achievements on Bioshock, owning more bots on Perfect Dark Zero (which I got sent instead of the Orange Box because apparently An Post f’d up again and ruined it in transit), and maybe possibly getting something new that’s actually fun to play. Rock Band comes to mind even though it’s still a month away.

Anyway, nothing much else really to say. I should be on for a few games later on tonight, although more likely than not, I’ll be taking a break to watch Man U. kick Barcelona’s asses 😉

Sometimes, when a site dies off, it’s owner would do whatever they could to bring it back to life. That’s wasn’t what I did with H3L ages ago, at some point last year. However, Craig, Penny and others decided to take the challenge of running the site.

Needless to say, I wouldn’t be bringing it up if it hadn’t had died again! I had a little chat with Craig earlier, and he did mention that maybe they were overestimated popularity.

(23:04) .:: Craig ::.
That’s good thinking. The big problem with H3L was that Penny and them wanted to start making huge leagues and expecting 16 teams to register for each.

Even when I was running it at it’s prime, we didn’t have anywhere near 16 teams! And given all the competition there is out there for tournaments, 16 teams was stretching it a little bit...

Anyway, onto more relevant stuff. After putting Halo 3 into my 360 for the first time in a long while (Vegas 2 had me VERY occupied, but now I’ve 1k’d the game...), my liking of making really crazy custom games reminded me of the time when we used to have 16 people playing some really good utter garbage in the Rumble Pit league. It’s that which is making me want to try and rekindle some sort of Rumble Pit league. But this time, I think it’s best to not try and run it as H3L or under some other weird name. It’d simple be leagues run by me.

None of this is going to happen immediately. It’ll be a while before I even get the chance to devote time to this, and plus I have to set up a few things beforehand. But, with enough time and effort then there will be a nice little section on my site devoted to the “Rumble Pit World Series”.

And just to whet your appetite (or bore you to death, depending on who you are), here are a few very rough ideas I already have for it. Season lasting 8 weeks, each week 3 games taking place on a particular map, map to change each week. Maps: Construct, Epitaph, Foundry, Guardian, Isolation, Narrows, Snowbound, The Pit (Blackout may be considered – but then that would restrict to Legendary-owners only). 3 games per week – a default Slayer game, a default Objective (Ball, KotH, Jugg.), and a custom gametype. Custom gametype could have any settings, any forms of scoring, any sort of randomness. Players score points based on what they score in the game and a position bonus from 50 points for the winners to 10 for 11th-16th. Winner will always receive 100 points, even if they don’t score 50 points in the game.

If it seems interesting to you, stay tuned. I do plan on at the very least attempting to start one up, unlike most of my big ideas...