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The obligatory IBA post

I’ve finally (and so has the server) recovered enough to be writing up my obligatory Irish Blog Awards 2009 post. It’s a duh-duh thing that nearly everyone who was there last Saturday is to write something about it. Pictures and videos galrore! Or at least those I can find...

Note: I originally had something really good here, but then I went onto a site that caused an infinite loop of tabs opening, so I had to kill IE – and for some fucking reason WP didn’t save a draft in the meantime, meaning I’ve lost nearly the entire post! I’m not rewriting it all, I’m just going to post what it did save.

The Baby Bear Wall

I did tell you I was going to get pictures of people with Baby Bear. And I didn’t lie to you (the Rick O’Shea one is from a while before, but I’m adding it anyway!). See who got caught with Baby Bear!



Yup, the Irish Blog Awards are tomorrow, and I think I have myself all sorted out. Or maybe not. I can’t be sure at this stage given I’m still quite tired, and yet have had two cans of Red Bull Coke in my system as well as adrenaline coming from CoD4...

Getting There

It all seemed fine up until about five minutes ago when I found out that the Dublin-Cork timetable is a little fecked up this weekend because of “engineering works“. So as to hopefully not get caught up in that shit, I’m going to leave Dunboyne on the 1015 (my only other choices are two hours earlier or later – thank you very much Dublin Bus and your shitty service!), which should be in town before 1115 (as it has to go back to Dunboyne at that time).

From there it gives me 45 minutes to either walk, or find a 90/91/92/whatever to bring me down to Heuston. From there it’s the 1200 train to Cork, which should arrive for around 1450, and from there find some mode of transport to the airport. Although I am hoping there will be others on that train as well!

Although all this does mean I will have to forego watching the A1 qualifying from Kyalami, where Adam should continue our run of dominance!

Staying There

At this stage, I’m not too sure what my plans are for this. I never managed to book a room at the hotel, mainly due to how expensive they were, even with the special discount for those of us attending the Awards. However, I think I’ve been promised room on Darren Byrne’s floor – although, I believe about 20 others have also been promised the same... I think it’ll be a tight squeeze.

Just make sure to leave some room for Baby Bear!

Coming Back

Getting back, I have absolutely no plans at all. The trains after, and including, the 1230 from Cork are running fine. But my main concern is the A1’s live video stream from 1145 through to 1430. While I can handle missing the qualifying, I am not missing the race! I already missed Malaysia where we dominated the Feature Race, and I’m not planning on missing out again! Even with Germany back, we’ll still take the spoils...

You know what I just realised as well... this post is probably a heaven for any of my stalkers out there, if they even exist. I’d be surprised if some people consider me stalker material, where there are other more lucrative targets (i.e. everyone on my links page)