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Watching NASCAR in Ireland – what a travesty…

I think I’ve made it clear that I’m a fan of NASCAR. Can’t really explain how I got into it, can probably blame Montoya, Allmendinger, Ambrose and Franchitti for making the switch (even if they subsequently changed back!) and me following them into the sport just to see how they fare.

Generally, I end up watching it on one of the streams on Justin.tv. I have no alternative but to watch a P2P or website stream as the only two channels that offer it in this region – Setanta Sports and Premier Sports – are not carried on our TV provider, Magnet.

I don’t have a problem with watching the races streaming online, especially as it means I can actually watch while at my computer. What I do mind though, is when the web streams I’m watching are cut off because one of the two above mentioned channels files a DMCA to the website to take the stream down. Now this irks me somewhat as the US channels never have a problem with the streams (based on how they are never the ones doing the takedowns). It always happens with the Sprint Cup races, which are the only races broadcast by Setanta or Premier – it never happens with Nationwide or Truck as they are US-only for the most part.

Now I have said that neither channel is on TV over here. Setanta haven’t been on Magnet for a few years – we don’t even get Setanta Ireland, which used to occupy channel 105. Yet, they still show on UPC, but we wouldn’t get them here. In fact, the only alternative to Magnet would be to get Sky or some other satellite service, and we all know how expensive they can be at the bare minimum before you start adding any additional premium charges, which both channels force (since the NASCAR shows on Setanta Sports 1 – the premium channel).

I suppose I’ll go back to the chicken run that is finding new streams every time they close down my current one...