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YouTube Copyrightpocalypse

The recent massive changes on YouTube, whereby all MCN partners are no longer protected from Content ID matches, and their entire video library is being retroactively scanned for matches, has hit people hard. I myself have had at least 40 claims on my videos solely for the in-game audio and soundtracks.

It’s clear that Fair Use nor the application of the audio is being factored in by companies such as Rumblefish, The Orchard Music, INGrooves, IDOL, INDMusic, Tunecor,e and others; as they claim and monetize away on an automated whim without any second thoughts as to who might be affected. Continue reading

“Subscribing” in Facebook?

Alright, I know that this new functionality has only just been released, but it already has a bit of an impact when it comes to me and my usage of Facebook.

As you probably know, I interact on Facebook through two primary methods: my own personal profile, and my Page. I initially made my page after a few... instances where people who were following me for all of my gaming and YouTube related stuff started getting a little too keen on my profile on Facebook. This then spurred me to create a second Twitter account and a Facebook page to handle the people who only knew me from my dealings on the Internet.

At that point, it was the best course of action since I didn’t want to start opening up my personal profile and everything I might say, to people I didn’t really fully know or trust enough. Of course, that’s not to say that everything I post is completely private, in fact most of the time I will post the same thing to my main Twitter and my Facebook profile simultaneously with TweetDeck, but it helps to have that individual post privacy selector on Facebook to keep things only to people who I know.

However, not long after that I started to realise that gaming and YouTube related stuff actually constituted quite an amount of my overall activities, and as such my personal Twitter has a lot less going on now than it used to. It kinda shows in my gaming Twitter as I’ve made over 1500 Tweets from that account since I started it in December last year while my main account has dropped from around 300 Tweets a month to just 100 a month.

So, this new subscribe functionality on Facebook is making me think about whether I should delete my secondary accounts and use just the one once again. Everyone could continue to follow me on Twitter, and those who I don’t fully know could just subscribe to my Facebook rather than having to add me as a friend. This would then enable a fair bit more functionality that I’ve had to stop using recently, or find a workaround for, since some Facebook tools don’t work with Pages, including YouTube Autoshare, Raptr’s connections, and others.

The main benefactors from this change that I know would be higher-profile YouTubers who are well-known for who they are, rather than their online persona. Two who immediately come to my mind would be Jory Caron and Jonny Paula from the old “Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This?” YouTube show, but it could also be of use to some other smaller people like MegaGWolf, and to some extent (and I can’t believe I’m actually saying her name) ssskinner.

Right now I’m still debating what to do. The main things I have against merging them would be the fact that my second accounts are already too well-established to really just pull the plug on them, and they are helping me to keep my two “audiences” separate.

I suppose it’s something that would have to be thought of over the next while, I’d say it would all depend on the uptake of the new subscription functionality.

Meteor’s Hidden Money Drain?

So, I went off to the MyMeteor website to send a web text in reply to a text I just received on my mobile. Generally when I’m at home, or otherwise near an available computer, I send a web text to save myself the 12c that I may otherwise need at some point, and it also helps to extend the length of time before I have to top up again – generally a single €20 top up will last me at least a few months.

Upon the page loading, I noticed that it had been given a little facelift, with a nice fresher-looking login screen.

After getting in, I noticed a myriad of new links on the left-hand side, and one which piqued my interest long enough to delay me sending my text for a while, was this “My Usage” tab. Inside was basically a breakdown of all my calls and texts, similar to what you would get on a bill. It definitely reaffirmed the fact that I don’t actually use my phone very much!

However, I began to notice the charges in my usage history were not adding up too well with the advertised 29c a minute anytime to any network or landline plan I’m supposedly on.

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It’s gonna be a busy month…

November is going to be fairly busy for me, with things happening nearly every weekend. I’m hoping that it doesn’t detract from my online presence, particularly TF2’ing and Left 4 Dead’ing – and hopefully not keeping me away from writing more shite in this blog and ranting about garbage on Twitter.

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Day… something, in the Fermoy summer house

I’d been meaning to write something like this for a while, except… well, I just haven’t bothered too much really! It’s the summer, and as summers go, I tend to do a lot more lying around relaxing than anything else to recuperate after a year’s worth of college stuff. This summer, though, is slightly different to the normal as I’m not at home with the family, rather down in Cork. Things are quite different to the normal, that’s for sure…

I’m not sure if you have picked it up from Twitter, or somewhere else, but I’m staying down in Will’s place in Fermoy, which he very kindly offered to let me stay in. 🙂

Lifestyle is definitely different. My sleep routine is royally ruined and there’s no light sleeper trying to sleep during my "golden hours" who constantly complains that I’m talking too loud while playing my video games at what are considered to be reasonable hours in the US Pacific timezone. So, generally I’m going to bed while it’s starting to get bright, and I’m waking up while it’s still bright out. Hopefully that will change soon (the brightness, not my sleep schedule).

I’m able to get a lot more constructive Internet-related work done, since I’m practically online all day, obviously excluding the times I sleep. It’s leading to a much greater release of Platinum LP videos, Halo 3 maps, unrelated websites, and other stuff. Although it does seem to be detracting from blogging stuff, which is kinda odd given that I have MORE time to be online, rather than less.

However, shopping is now made slightly harder. The distance from here to the local supermarket feels about twice, if not three times as far as it was from the house to Eurospar back in Dunboyne. Which is probably why I try and stock up on what I can when I do get to the shop so I hopefully don’t have to go again for another fortnight. Or I revert to my Santry ways and order takeaway every other night, which is now very viable since the local chipper/pizzeria combo place does online ordering via JustEat.ie. My bank balance is going to be annoyed with me soon.

I really do want to work over the summer to try and save up a bit so that I have a lump sum to be able to pay for some decent accommodation near college next year. Problem is, it seems like there is very little work available around here, I think it was snapped up by everyone just finishing secondary school before I managed to get down here. If I was any good at web development, then I’d try to use that as a source of income, but I think I have quite a bit of more talented and skilled competition out there.

I really should get out and start making day trips to Cork city centre soon. It’s just a case of going into the middle of town, standing at the bus stop, and hope that a bus for Cork comes by within the next two hours. I managed to get a look at the frequency of buses that service Fermoy, and it makes the 70 seem like the most frequent service possible.

I’m planning to make a trip back up to Dublin for a while soon, sometime within the next couple of weeks. There’s a few things going on that I want to go to, and besides, I’m sure the extended family (and possibly some of you guys) will be wanting me around anyway.

Now back to my Big Brother and BT Experiment-esque living!