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Meteor’s Hidden Money Drain?

So, I went off to the MyMeteor website to send a web text in reply to a text I just received on my mobile. Generally when I’m at home, or otherwise near an available computer, I send a web text to save myself the 12c that I may otherwise need at some point, and it also helps to extend the length of time before I have to top up again – generally a single €20 top up will last me at least a few months.

Upon the page loading, I noticed that it had been given a little facelift, with a nice fresher-looking login screen.

After getting in, I noticed a myriad of new links on the left-hand side, and one which piqued my interest long enough to delay me sending my text for a while, was this “My Usage” tab. Inside was basically a breakdown of all my calls and texts, similar to what you would get on a bill. It definitely reaffirmed the fact that I don’t actually use my phone very much!

However, I began to notice the charges in my usage history were not adding up too well with the advertised 29c a minute anytime to any network or landline plan I’m supposedly on.

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