My ugly mug

I’m TheChrisD – I’m an Irish gamer, YouTuber, and videographer.

I create gameplay videos and Let’s Plays for YouTube, and maintain the websites and social media accounts of several other entities.

But since you’ve come to the general page about me, I suppose I should give you a bit more info that just that small little snippet.

Me, Myself and I

In case you haven’t already figured it out by now, I’m TheChrisD. First name Chris, which can be gathered from the tag.

I currently live in Dunboyne, in the culchie county of Meath, in the not-so-emerald isle of Ireland.

I first started gaming in the mid 90’s, with my first game being Wolfenstein 3D on DOS. After that when the computer I had played Wolfenstein on was given to me proper and moved into my bedroom, I started on a few rather weird games that would run on Windows 3.1, eventually culminating in Sim City 2000. Soon, for my 10th birthday, I received a proper (at the time) computer with Windows 95 as well as a copy of Theme Hospital, and with that I was on my way.

My first experience with proper online gaming came in the summer of 2003, when after I managed to “acquire” a laptop for a period of time, I started playing Medal of Honor: Allied Assault on various servers. Seeing how it was only ever me in the house for the vast portion of the day, my love for online gaming sprouted while my general love for video games blossomed.

I started proper console gaming in January 2005 when I bought my original Xbox with a copy of Goldeneye: Rogue Agent (worst game ever). Soon after that in April of the same year, I started my Xbox Live account with a free two month trial card and started playing Forza Motorsport online using the 1MB ADSL line we had.

Proper online PC gaming on the other hand is only a recent thing for me, which all started in October 2006 when I found EVE Online after being showed it by a couple of friends. A slight unhealthy obsession followed, forcing a lengthy hiatus from the game (before eventually cancelling altogether). However, after building my current gaming rig – The Almighty Bear – in September 2009 – most of my current activities started up properly.

YouTubing and Streaming

Video editing and gameplay videos is still quite a new thing to me, however YouTubing is not, as I created my account back in June 2006 for browsing, and for uploading some very bad quality webcam videos of the bears. I first started uploading proper videos in January 2009, with a “camera LP” of the boss battles in Japanese Pokémon Platinum. While the camera (and eventually camcorder) quality videos stayed until December, properly recorded gameplays cropped up in between and eventually became full-stage in 2010.

Console gameplay videos, and console streaming started up in July 2010 after I purchased a Blackmagic Intensity Pro, and very quickly became my main focus as of the ease of recording and editing the console had over the PC.

Beginning in 2011, a proper gaming stream was set up for both my console and PC gaming.

In late March 2012, my YouTube channel reached the one million video view count; in mid-April, I crossed the 1,000 subscriber count; and then in late April, I became a YouTube Partner with RPMNetworks, a subsidiary of Maker Studios.

The Site

After a bit of web digging, I eventually managed to conclude that I started to have my own personal website towards the end of 2005, on the old MSN Spaces (now Windows Live Spaces). However, back then I didn’t always have as much online time, so updates and posts were few and far between. I still kept at it though.

Towards the start of 2007, I was looking for other ways to have a website. By this time, I had bought some real hosting to host an attempted online gaming website for a game I was rather passionate about at the time. So, on the 12th of January 2007, my WordPress blog came to be! At that time, I was posting more out of the “cool, I’ve got this new blog I just put on my hosting” enthusiasm, hence why some of the early posts are complete random crap. Serious crap. Not even worthy to wipe my bum with if they were to be printed out on toilet paper, sort of crap.

Over the years, the general subject and tone of my blog has changed quite a bit, but in essence it’s still always been about me, my views, my life and the like. And sometimes about the bear...

Baby Bear

“Baby Bear” (also known as ‘petit bebe’, lit. ‘little bear’) is the name of a white/cream teddy bear which was sold by Marks & Spencer circa 1999.

Back then there were originally 5 of the basic bears. Since then the “family” has been reduced to 3 basic bears (Right Babe, Wrong Babe, Clean Babe) and two slightly more “better condition” basic bears found on eBay in 2008 (Cream Babe), and 2010 (Pudding Babe).

The family is also augmented with a larger bear with a bell inside (Mommy Bear), three small bears with a velcro strap that you can wrap round your wrist (the Bobbys), two rattling bears with holes in their middles for grip (the Polo Bears), and a teddy rabbit from some other place who is treated as the adopted sister of the family (Baby Bunny).

It is unknown whether Marks and Spencer still make these teddy bears, but they haven’t been seen stocked since 2001, so presumably the family is irreplaceable. Unless they decide to make them again, which is highly unlikely. Or more are found on eBay, which seems to be happening more often lately.

More information about the bears, including their little blog of sorts, can be found at http://www.iambabybear.net.