If you really have to e-mail me, use me at my domain. You’re more likely to get a better response via Twitter though.

  • If the enquiry is gaming or YouTube related, then use gaming at my domain instead.
  • If the enquiry has to do with my website or domain, then use site at my domain instead.


I have two Twitter accounts – the first is my own normal Twitter account filled with various random updates and whatnot. My Gaming one is just that, hosting all of my gaming and YouTube-based updates.


While I don’t normally really advertise my personal Facebook, it is still public if you want to subscribe. My gaming updates are part of a separate page, too.

Google Plus

My G+ profiles probably aren’t updated as often as I’d like. I blame the lack of an external program that can post to it.

Google Calendar

Here’s my calendar of events, if you really are that concerned.