Irish web geek, motor racing fanatic, TV quiz and game show addict, Aspie, and Twitch streamer.

Stream Schedule

These are just my game-specific scheduled streams. I also do extra streaming with other games if I am free to do so!

Usually on a given day, I'll stream in the afternoon and early evening, or in the late evening. All-day streams are generally quite limited in possibility, outside of holidays.

A note on UTC time: some games I stream to cover a new update or in-game change, and these are generally timed based on UTC rather than local time. If it's between April and October, add an hour onto the posted time!

Team Fortress Twoesdays

Tuesday, starting 7pm Irish time

Horizon Thursdays

Thursday, starting 2:30pm UTC

Board on Sundays

Sunday, starting 9pm Irish time

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