Built in April 2023.

A long-needed upgrade, the start of which was delayed several times due to release dates being pushed back, as well as general stock availability. A couple parts were brought forward from the Grizzly β€” in particular the GPU which was bought in advance of the rest of the build! β€” as they were still usable and well within spec for the new parts.

PHANTEKS Enthoo Pro 2 Closed Panel computer case
AMD Ryzen 7 7000 series badge


Built in November 2015.

Originally kept the same external peripherals and non-OS hard drives from the previous build. Monitors were both replaced as they died of capacitor issues - the AOC dying prompted me to upgrade my primary screen to the PG279Q, then the LG died and I purchased a cheap Samsung from Argos.

Both previous headsets ended up failing from snapping around the ear cup swivel joint. Replaced the venerable Logitech G15 keyboard as the spacebar spring broke and also to change to a mechanical keyboard.

Made a significant peripheral upgrade in November 2019 to improve game responsiveness – by upgrading the old games hard drive to an SSD – and streaming quality. Upgraded the old video footage drives in March 2020 to a new single, larger drive; and used a spare SSD I bought with the original order for a render drive.

Corsair Vengeance C70 Black computer case
Intel Core i7 (2013) series badge


Built in October 2009.

Kept some peripherals that I had purchased for use with my laptop. Originally featured a GTX 275, which sufficed for the 1440Γ—900 monitor I had at the time; but was replaced with the GTX 660 in January 2012 to better power the recently acquired 1080p LG monitor.

Antec Nine Hundred computer case
Intel Core i5 series (2009) badge